How do I navigate trough Houstry?

There are a couple of ways to look for buildings:
– On the home you have a viarity of buidings
– Click on ‘Buildings’ in the menu, where you can find all the buildings. From there you can search for more specific buildings.
– Click on ‘Types of buildings’ and you’ll find a page with all the types. Click on a type and you’ll get all the buildings in that type.


How do I add a building

Navigate to ‘Add building’ from the menu. From there, enter all the information you have on the building. Some fields are mandatory. If you’re done, click on ‘Preview listing’. A new window will open with an example of your page. If you are not happy, go back to the page and change what you want. If you’re done, click on ‘Submit listing’. We will get a message and check if everything is correct. After that we will publish it. You can check if it’s published in your profile page.

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